“Dr. Ivan Misner's interview in the book has really cool points that every seller, every marketer must know. The techniques here aren't just tested, but are to my knowledge intimately guarded (at-least till now) and most logical.

The speciality of the book is, it is a kind of interview pattern, with examples and keeps throwing light on points which help every salesmen. They are practical and can be implemented immediately.”

- Edward Newgate

“I found the material in the book to be practical and pragmatic. Everyone sells everyday of their professional, personal and public life. This isn't just another book touting a "magic" formula but real tips and tricks from diverse, successful people. The book is an easy read and a good reference to revisit when needed.”

-Christy D Cirino

“I love books that are in an interview format with the experts. To me it make sense to accumulate the views of selling experts and house them all in one place. I would have purchased this book solely for the interview with Dr. Ivan Misner,the Founder & Chairman of BNI®. His sales networking group is the largest in the world. He built an empire by offering a great forum where small businesses can network. So the interview with him is invaluable...”

-Kati the Honest Reviewer