Interview with Michael Bosworth, Sales Superstar who originated Story Selling - Author of Best Sellers: Solution Selling and What Great Salespeople Do

Michael (Mike) Bosworth is one impressive individual. Mike has the type of personality that radiates self assurance. Mike is superbly aware of who he is and naturally energizes everyone around him. As a result, Mike draws out the best in everyone he deals with. After just a few minutes spent talking with Mike it is obvious why he has made it to the top tier of international business sales, coaching, writing and consulting. Mike simply masters story selling.

"I am honored that in a book about some of the world's sales superstars, Dr. Ligda wrote a chapter about me."
-Mike Bosworth

Michael Bosworth's Constant Search to Become one of the Great Sales Masters, the Evolution Process

One characteristic that drives Mike forward is his constant search for the next level of becoming master of his craft. Mike does not settle for the status quo and challenges anyone who does settle on a regular basis. That I rapidly found includes whoever is interviewing him! When the interview wasn’t going exactly in the direction Mike wanted it to go to make his point he had no problem challenging me. So I think it is safe to say that Mike sees opportunity where others see obstacles.

I know how much work it takes to write, edit and publish a book. Mike has written best sellers on the art of selling so that makes him a hero in my eyes. His best selling books include: Solution Selling, What Great Salespeople Do, and Customer Centric Selling. We live in a world that is constantly changing and it takes leadership to lead and manage the change process taking place all around us. Mike grabs our attention through his use of stories applying the adage that facts tell while stories sell. If you want to become an active player in the world of sales you can learn a great deal from Mike.

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“...I love books that are in an interview format with the experts...”

-Kati the Honest Reviewer

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