Interview with Dr. Josh Axe, Health Master and Sales Superstar Helping Salespeople and Author of Best Seller: Real Food Diet Cookbook and the BurstFIT Workout DVD Chapter 7: Modeling and Mentoring to the Top

I thoroughly enjoyed my interviews and time spent with Dr. Josh Axe in Nashville. To my way of thinking about sales, Dr. Axe represents the very best ideals of his profession while at the same time brings his unique talents to the table. There is a bit of a play on words here since Dr. Axe shares his knowledge, insights, tips, and cookbook recipes to help anyone who travels or lives the life of a road- warrior to stay fit and healthy. Anyone who lives on the road faces the issue of eating healthy and obtaining regular meals. But so does anyone who is tied to a help desk or makes regular sales calls that include providing meals or entertaining. So realistically just about everyone who sells!

Dr. Josh Axe’s Approach to Health, Nutrition, and Diet for Salespeople and those on the Road

In his books about nutrition, in his television and radio talk shows, and during his speaking engagements Dr. Axe promotes health and nutrition in common sense, easy to understand and follow steps. One of the qualities I liked the best about Dr. Axe is that he shares with us how to be easy on ourselves, not feel guilty if we mess up and best of all how to get back on track quickly and easily. That’s a combination that works!

The Power of Knowing your Audience in Sales

Dr. Axe also impressed me with his approach to identifying his target audiences and markets using proven and applied scientific sampling techniques. Dr. Axe doesn’t just guess; he has hard data to guide his decision making. In the world of sales knowing your audience is always the key to success.

The one trait that Dr. Axe possesses that makes him a superstar is his desire to make the world a better place for all of us to live in. The world will always benefit from the passion, knowledge and skills of an individual like Dr. Axe.

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“...I love books that are in an interview format with the experts...”

-Kati the Honest Reviewer

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