Interview with BNI® Founder, Dr. Ivan Misner

My Interview with Dr. Ivan Misner in my book, Sales Success Now was extremely enlightening into the world of referrals and business networking.

Many people ask how I selected the sales experts to interview in my book. While I certainly chose a variety of subject matter experts, the book would be incomplete without the quotes and words of wisdom that came from my interview with Dr. Ivan Misner. After all, he is known as the “Father of Modern Networking” (CNN), and the “Networking Guru” by Entrepreneur Magazine. He is an accomplished author as well, having written several best selling networking books.

For those of you unfamiliar, Dr. Ivan Misner founded the world’s largest business networking organization (BNI®) in 1985. BNI has over 6200 groups/chapters internationally and reported 7 million referrals from these chapters in 2012, totaling over $3 billion dollars in sales.

His secret to success? Well, reading the book will shine the light on several sales and networking secrets Dr. Misner posseses, but it all started with the idea of “Givers Gain®” a concept which has worked time and time again.

Words from Dr. Ivan Misner About Sales Success Now

“Sales Success Now is a powerful resource for business owners, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals across the globe in building business and reaching higher rungs of success. I am truly honored to have had the opportunity to contribute some of the knowledge and expertise I have gained on growing business via relationships and effective networking throughout my years in the referral marketing industry and I have confidence this book will remain an important go-to guide in the business world for years to come.”

BEHIND THE SCENES WITH DR. IVAN MISNER Words from Author Dr. Donna Ligda

Folks always want to know what it was really like to interview a sales and business superstar like Dr. Ivan Misner. Was he friendly, approachable, helpful or did I find him with those traits that turn us all off such as arrogance, “stand-offness” and self-centeredness. Well, I’m here to put your fear to bed. Dr. Misner was one of my favorite interviews!

First and foremost Dr. Misner displayed all the traits that busy folks appreciate the most such as timeliness in responding to questions and meeting deadlines as well as clarity of purpose. Wow! When completing a project as huge and with as many moving parts as putting a book together, Dr. Misner’s responsiveness was fantastic and truly stood out. I found this level of helpfulness from not only Dr. Misner but all of his support staff as well. Truly Dr. Misner has captured the winning combination.

There was an additional trait that Dr. Misner displayed that over the years I have found to be hard to define but key to all satisfying human relationships and while many qualities, attributes and traits are admirable there is truly one that I value above all others. Dr. Misner is in possession of this trait in spades and it is his humanness. My definition of humanness is this: less ego gratification and more genuineness as a human being who recognizes that we are all in this game called life together. Each of us is unique and has our own contributions to make.

One of the cardinal rules of selling anything is to keep your personal ego in check. We can look at the business and sales superstars like Dr. Ivan Misner to see this principle at work.

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“...I love books that are in an interview format with the experts...”

-Kati the Honest Reviewer

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