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For over fifteen years I criss-crossed the United States and its territories successful selling rare, complex drugs that started at the inflicted person’s cradle and ended at their gravesite. No one wanted to take these drugs; the drugs were a challenge to administer and even more difficult was collecting payments. Because of the hundreds of thousands of dollars per each case in annual product costs to administer these life saving drugs, competition was fierce.
What I gained from these hands on experience were sales techniques that work and now I am sharing those very successful sales strategies and tactics with you in my books and CD Teaching Programs.
By following the tried and true steps outlined you too can create your own success store regardless of your product or service type, its cost or the intensity of the competition you face.
None of us like to be “sold to” but we all love to buy! “Born To Sell” has all the tried and true steps you can easily follow on your journey to become a sales super star!

Books on How to Sell


“...They are practical and can be implemented immediately....

- Edward Newgate

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