About Donna Ligda, MSN, MBA

I have been privileged to have had a plethora of fruitful career roles including serving as President and Board of Directors member of a National Pharmaceutical Company with lots of progressive and intriguing roles in between. Over the years I have earned advanced degrees in nursing, business and metaphysics. Business techniques provided me a comfortable living and metaphysics taught me how to live life.
You always have a choice. People in sales, the helping professions, teaching and business, among others come face-to-face with this reality daily. My books and teaching CDs addresses these issues head on. I am a firm believer that selling is a life skill that everyone can benefit from learning regardless of what you do to earn a living. I show you that it doesn’t matter if you are selling a product, a service, a concept, or a position on your idea; the principles of selling are the same. Selling techniques can be learned, practiced and refined.
For over 15 years I criss-crossed the country successful selling rare, complex drugs that no one wanted to take, were a challenge to administer and even more difficult was collecting payments for the drugs once they had been administered. Because of the hundreds of thousands of dollars of cost to administer these drugs annually competition was fierce. What I gained from this hands-on experience was techniques that work and now I am sharing those successful tactics with you.
By following the tried and true steps outlined in my books and teaching CDs you too can create your own selling success story regardless of your idea, product or service type, its cost or the intensity of the competition you face.


“.............To get an interview with Dr. Misner is not easy. The author of Sales Success Now asks some very compelling questions that are revealing in a way I have not seen before from Misner...”

-Kati the Honest Reviewer

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